The 5 Elements of a Killer Value Proposition πŸ”ͺ

The 5 Elements of a Killer Value Proposition πŸ”ͺ

There is no way you can write a good copy if you don't have a killer value proposition.

What's your value proposition?

The value proposition is basically what you're offering your clients against their hard-earned money.

It is the self-essence of your business.

If you're not clear about it, there is no way you can be successful. Not durably at least.

So here is a simple exercise to help you define your value proposition:

  • What are you selling?
  • Who are you selling to?
  • What are really selling to those people?

If you can answer those questions then you already get a good grasp on your value proposition.

Let's do a quick example with Starbucks:

  • What is Starbucks selling? β†’ Coffees
  • Who are you selling to? β†’ On-The-Go Young Adults
  • What are really selling to those people? β†’ If you think about it, we don't really go to Starbucks to drink coffee. But to be part of the Starbucks family, work on our laptop in a cozy atmosphere and have the waitress remember our name.

So the value proposition for Starbucks would be:

  • Officially: "Enhance the customers’ experience while drinking coffee."
  • Actually: "Fill your need to belong to a group of successful people."

Make it Unique

The fundamental feature of a great value proposition is that it needs to be unique.

Let's say I wanna teach you how to be rich.

If I formulate my value proposition simply, it would be: "I will teach you to be rich".

Most people want to be rich.

That's not the problem.

But do you really think you'll have a striving business if you go see people and tell them "I will teach you to be rich"?

Probably not.


Because your value proposition has been seen and reviewed a hundred times already.

You need to find an original angle.

You need to find your purple cow as would tell you Seth Godin.

Your business needs to be remarkable. Memorable.

Now you get the importance of having a Unique Value Proposition.

How can I transform my Value Proposition to make it unique? would you retort me..

The 5 elements to make your value proposition unique

Here are 5 elements to make your Value Proposition more unique:

  • Specificity

Your value proposition needs to be specific. If you're too vague, people will think: "Yet another one" and will pass their way. So be precise in expressing your value proposition by telling the means and the hows. You have to find the right balance between a niched-enough proposition and a too broad one.

ex: How to seduce girls? β†’ How to talk to women on WhatsApp?

  • New

If you're a marketer you must know that novelty and exclusivity is a very powerful way to make your value proposition stand apart. So you should always update your angle with new trends coming up.

ex: How to make money on Facebook Ads? β†’ How to make money on TikTok?

  • Odd

Your value proposition needs to stop your prospect and capture his attention. A great way to achieve this is to use odd and unpredictable elements in your value proposition to call out to your client.

ex: How to lose weight eating vegetables? β†’ How to lose weight eating insects?

  • Numbers / Dates

Another way to make your value proposition more specific and unique is to bring in numbers. In our unconscious, we are more inclined to listen and trust someone who's using numbers. It seems more tangible and real to us.

ex: How to sell your apartment quickly? β†’ How to sell your apartment in 7 days?

  • Authority

The last element you can use is putting some authority elements in your value proposition. It helps win the trust of your prospect's mind while making your offer more unique.

ex: How did this electrician find a remedy against cancer? β†’ How did this doctor find a remedy against cancer?

A few examples

Neil Patel


Value Proposition: Make your business more successful by increasing your traffic through SEO

Unique Elements:

  • He added the "in Paris" location precision to make his offer more specific.
  • He stated his full name to make his offer more personal.
  • He offers you to analyze your website right away through his unique tech tool.

Tai Lopez


Value Proposition: Tai will show you how he personally uses Facebook, Google and Youtube Ads to generate paid traffic.

Unique Elements:

  • "First time ever in 20 years" β†’ Novelty, exclusivity and numbers add a lot to the offer uniqueness.
  • "All our secrets, revealed" β†’ Again it is exclusive to Tai so you cannot find them anywhere else. Also everyone knows Tai has been very successful with his Youtube Ads which adds a lot of authority to the offer.
  • "Behind the scenes tour" β†’ Add specificity in what the course has to offer: a real view of his Ad Managers.

In those 2 examples I wanted to show you how Neil and Tai went from a generic "I will teach you how to increase your traffic" to a more Unique Value Proposition.


You should now be able to find and formulate a Unique Value Proposition for your own business.

Remember to include a few elements we've seen for more effectiveness.

The way to formulate your Unique Value Proposition matters as well as the offer itself.

Good luck with your business.


Vlad Kowsky