The Best Copywriting Courses Out There to Learn Copywriting

The Best Copywriting Courses Out There to Learn Copywriting

Are you looking for great copywriting courses? You're at the right place. I won't make a huge list of "the 38 greatest resources to learn copywriting" like I often see. It's completely useless since most people won't take action if we offer too much choice.

The real value of such an article is to select only a few resources so the beginner does not feel overwhelmed and actually takes action after reading this post.

If you're close to your money, you should focus only on the best copywriting books.

If you're really close to your money, checkout the list of the best free copywriting resources.

Anyway, I think this post might be of great help if you just started to learn copywriting.

The 3 Copywriting Courses with the Best Value for Money (Udemy)

If you're a complete beginner at copywriting, I assume you don't have much money to spend on a copywriting course.

If so, it's clear that Udemy is the cheapest solution out there.

With the right coupon, it's only $10 the course that's usually well structured and a few hours duration.

You definitely get your money's worth.

However, it's so cheap that I don't understand why people would slave themselves on the platform.

The only rational reason I see would be to use Udemy to generate cheap traffic onto a more expensive offer.

Here's how I would do it if I wanted to use Udemy to my advantage:

The Udemy Badcopywriter Funnel

Anyway, I can recommend the 3 following courses, that are worth buying if you're a beginner in copywriting:

This 3h course is really popular on the platform.

And it deserves it.

Indeed this course is a complete, condensed resource to enter the world of copywriting without friction.

If you want to learn how to write your first sales page or email without investing too much time or money, then this course is for you.

It will cover the basics of copywriting with the right amount of details.

At 10 bucks, it's a real bargain.

This course is really solving a pain junior copywriters have: how to land your first client when you have no experience as a pro copywriter?

This is a question I often get asked and my quickest answer is: go watch this short 1h course and start growing your own portfolio.

You'll notice how Tamsin is using Udemy as a lead-magnet for their main offer Juicy Proposals.

I wouldn't have recommended her if she was just a Udemy slave.

New-born copywriters often face this problem: they learn how to write an average do-the-job sales letter but then they don't know how to send traffic on it.

I do think Email Marketing is a commodity skill every marketer should master.

And lead generation too.

It's nice to be able to convert readers into buyers, but you should also master the skill of getting readers first.

This $10 investment is perfect to learn the basics of Email Marketing.

You can go there with your eyes closed.

5 of the Best High-end Copywriting Courses

Ok let's enter why you're probably here: the high-end paying courses.

There are tons of them on the Internet.

I don't know all of them, of course.

But here's a selection I know and I can recommend.

It's pretty useful iflike meyou need to train junior copywriters as quickly as possible for your business.

  • The American Writers & Artists Institute Programs

    AWAI offers to join a striving community of writers where you'll learn from real experts (ex: Our No B.S. friend Dan Kennedy) and have tons of job opportunities.

    Their training programs are recognized to be qualitative and worth the money.

    I would recommend you participating in their Bootcamp where top working copywriters will be talking about a few nice topics.

    Plus it's a great way to connect with other pro copywriters.

  • Copy School by Copyhackers

    If you don't know Copyhackers, this is a great blog of (sadly unstructured) great free resources about copywriting.

    They offer a great support for junior copywriters that start in their career and provide tons of useful tips to write effective copies.

    I recommend their subscription especially if you need to train as a corporate copywriter.

  • Simple Writing System by John Carlton

    John Carlton has been teaching copywriting for many years now.

    In his free SWS Express Course, he will teach you all the basics of copywriting through advanced and wise expertise.

    It's free, so leave your mail to receive your own version of his system.

  • Behind the Sales Page, by Ramit Sethi

    Ramit is a bestselling author and respected infopreneur. He teaches a lot of things to be successful in life from making money to negotiating a higher salary.

    But here I recommend one of his courses where he shows how he wrote a sales page.

    That's to me one of the best ways to truly understand the process of copywriting: watch someone doing it in front of your eyes.

    That's why I warmly recommend you his course on copywriting.

  • The Capital Copywriting Certification by Jason Capital

    Jason Capital is a quite successful web entrepreneur... but also a great copywriter too.

    He offers to share all his knowledge about copywriting in his fully-featured 6 weeks program.

    I do think you should buy his course only if you appreciate his free content on YouTube.

    He has a very spicy sense of humor.

There are many other great courses out there.

But those are courses I could get access and are worth the money.

Don't buy many courses, it's useless.

Pick some mentor you trust and follow only his course.

The 3 Must-Read Copywriting Books

How could I write about the best copywriting books without talking about books?

I know they're not "courses" strictly speaking.

But I will be honest with you.

All I've learned about copywriting was:

  1. With practice.
  2. Reading books.

(Yeah don't forget practice is the only course you really need)

All the above courses I talked about are really great resources to start learning copywriting.

But what I'd recommend you if you have to do only one thing after reading this article:

Buy the 3 following books and read them every year for the next 5 years to come:

  • Influence, by Robert Cialdini

    Dr. Robert Cialdini is an innovative expert in the field of influence and persuasion. His thirty-five years of rigorous, evidence-informed research, along with a three-year program of research on what drives people to change their behavior, have resulted in this highly regarded book.

    You will learn about the six universal psychological principles that drive people behavior: Reciprocity, Commitment, Social Proof, Authority, Liking and Scarcity. They're used everyday by marketers to make you buy all things you wouldn't otherwise. Learn to master them to greatly improve your copywriting skills.

  • Breakthrough Advertising, by Eugene M. Schwartz

    This book is hard to find.

    (Which in itself creates desire if you have fully grasped the scarcity principle from Cialdini)

    This book is expensive.

    But this book is a real jewel if you're really interested in human behavior.

    This is a book you need to read at least 3 times to extract its substantial marrow.

    Oh and if you don't know Gene Schwartz? Google his name, he's one of the legendary copywriters.

  • The Boron Letters, by Gary Halbert

    Another classic from one of the greatest copywriters: Gary Halbert.

    Also you can find his letters free on website, I suggest you to buy the physical version for ease of use.

    In those letters, Halbert explains copywriting to his son so it's a very well suited book for beginners (but not only).

I have read the following books at least 7 times each.

I'll go banal here: but I always get something new from the same old words with my experience growing.


There are so many resources to learn copywriting out there.

Don't get lost.

I regret most of the "free copywriting guides" are just piles of hacks and tricks without any pedagogic structure nor any step back on the field.

That's why I strive to do the exact opposite with Badcopywriter.

If you only have to do one thing after reading this:

Buy one of those 3 books I've listed and read it.


Vlad Kowsky

PS: if you think you worth appearing in this recommendation list of copywriting courses, please contact me and I'll examine your application.